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I am the founder of Dibébi, my name is Dilara Yavuz and I studied midwifery. I make a lot of house calls and look after many new mothers and their newborns in their puerperium. The families keep asking about good products. Since I've been in this profession, I've read and researched a lot in order to recommend the best. Unfortunately, this research was very disappointing, as there are always additives in everything. In the long term, this leads to skin problems and neurodermatitis. You have to know that the skin absorbs all the ingredients. So these products have to be free of additives so that nothing can happen even if the child puts it in their mouth. For this reason I decided to have products made myself. My products are 100% organic & vegan and completely free from additives. The women who know me know that I only recommend products that I would use for myself with a clear conscience. And since I have these products made myself, I know exactly what is inside and can recommend them with complete conviction!